What are u-eat's goals?
We want to raise the concept of healthy eating!
The nutrients in the food we eat - water, proteins, lipids, fibers, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals - affect specific and essential functions of our bodies.
Knowing the chemical composition and nutritional value on food, allows us to identify their health impacts. Our goal is to relate and map the composition of nutrients, providing the necessary and correct knowledge to adopt for a given clinical profile that provides adequate, complete and balanced nutrition, and that promotes quality of life and well-being.
How we achieve our goals?
  • Promote access to research in the areas of nutrition and health;
  • Present the Food Composition Charts of several countries to cover greater food diversity and the latest information on nutrients according to the user's geographic location;
  • Identify the highest number of correlations between nutrients and their benefits/harms for a given clinical condition;
  • Filtering the ingredients that most benefit or harm a given clinical profile, based on the results of the scientific studies in the area of health and nutrition;
  • Develop features which will allow a better balanced diet management.
What to expect from this service?
u-eat was designed to provide the knowledge and advice needed for proper food management based on existing scientific research.
Where do our data come from??
The data is taken from multiple articles or scientific studies accredited and published in scientific journals and online portals - available in Scientific Studies.
Scientific knowledge is aggregated, organized and filtered by specialists in the area of nutrition and health, with a view to defining the most adequate, complete and balanced diet for each clinical profile.
Data is regularly updated.
What we do with the data?
We disseminate the maximum amount of available information on the chemical composition and nutritional value of food and on the various pathologies (based on ICD-10, World Health Organization), as well as scientific studies investigating relationships between the two, on a single online library.
The algorithm that supports the definition of food counseling appropriate to a given clinical condition is based on the conclusions of several related scientific studies.
The user has access to the information that underpins this advice.
What is the value and duration of the license to use this service?
The initial license fee is €14.90 with a period of one year subscription. You can choose other services, such as unlimited time, or more profiles.
During the pre-release period you benefit from a 250% discount if you join u-eat. You can also purchase additional services, such as multiple profiles to include your family members or extend them during your leave.
You will then be issued with your invoice and sent by email - please be sure to fill in your complete details when registering.
How can I make the payment?
Payments can be made by:
  • Bank Transfer to IBAN PT50 0046 0331 0060 0272 9558 4;
  • Credit Card;
  • Multibanco Reference (only available on Portugal).