About us

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About us

u-eat is authored by Geração Consciente, a Portuguese company specialized in WebDevelopment, which conceived this project in order to raise the concept of healthy eating , taking into account the personal specificities of each user, all supported in scientific studies.

During the research and development process, partnerships were established with health and nutrition specialists and institutions.

Our objective is to relate and map the composition of nutrients, u-eat has been designed to provide the knowledge and advice needed to properly manage your food, helping to promote quality of life and improve well-being.

Our misson

We intend to raise the concept of healthy eating!

Our main mission is to aggregate, filter and make available the maximum information on nutrition and health. The contents are regularly updated, making available the latest scientific advances related to nutrition, diseases and pathologies.

Based on accredited and published scientific studies, it will be possible to identify the greatest number of correlations between nutrients and their benefits/harms for a given clinical condition.

We believe that adequate, complete and balanced nutrition can improve the quality of life and well-being.

Why choose u-eat?

What do we do differently to deserve your trust?

u-eat aims to be a reference in the area of nutrition and demonstrate the relevance of nutrition in improving clinical profiles, preventing or supporting recovery.

Above all, make available the scientific knowledge and research developed by several accredited entities, allowing assertive and informed decision making that promote health, quality of life and well-being.

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"Adequate food consumption and the resulting improvement in nutritional status (...) have a direct impact on the prevention and control of the most prevalent diseases (...) Adequate, complete and balanced nutrition helps prevent certain diseases such as cancer, obesity, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. On the other hand, it also contributes to the adequate growth of children and adolescents. In short, it is preponderant to the emotional, mental, physical and social state of each individual."

Portugal National Program to Promote Healthy Nutritional Diet, 2015